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posted Feb 18, 2012, 7:06 PM by Al Schema   [ updated Mar 23, 2012, 12:19 PM ]

                                          NEW LEDGE VIEW CAVE PATCHES

                                                     OFFERED FOR SALE 

                                                         By Gary K. Soule

The Wisconsin Speleological Society just produced two beautiful new embroidered patches on the caves at the Ledge View Nature Center just south of Chilton, in Calumet County, Wisconsin. This continues the fine collector’s patch series. Both are four inch square size, 100% full embroidery, colored patches as shown. The first patch says: “CAROLYN’S CAVERNS CHILTON, WISCONSIN” on it. It shows an interior walkway in the main Wayne’s World Passage, and was designed by Gary K. Soule.The second patch says: “LEDGE VIEW CAVES CANDLELIGHT TOURS CHILTON, WI” on it. It was designed by Kasey Fiske and his daughter, Kayla Fiske. Both patches uniquely depict bats in full flight! Each patch is for sale to both Wisconsin Speleological Society members and non-members alike for only $5.00 each, plus $.50 postage. If two patches are ordered, the postage still remains only $ .50. They can be ordered from Kasey Fiske at S 9740 Exchange Road, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin 53578. Phone: (608) 544-2212. If you have any questions please email him at fiske@grad.wisc.edu and he will gladly get back to you.