About the WSS

Wisconsin caves and caverns are the principal reason on what the Wisconsin Speleological Society (WSS) was founded on. The WSS grotto was founded by Richard “Dick” P. Kuhlen, of LaCrosse, WI, in 1960 and became a chapter of the National Speleological Society (NSS) in 1961. The WSS is a non-profit organization that is interested in cave exploration, photography, mapping, scientific studies, tours and many other related fields. The membership of the WSS consists of a diverse group of members of all walks of life from geologists to weekend warriors to just being a monthly newsletter members. It is fun for all age groups.

WSS members and the general public under WSS member supervision have been actively involved with the removal of glacial sediment deposited by glaciers. The WSS is restoring several Wisconsin caves in the East Central part of the state at Ledge View Caves, Chilton, WI, Cherney Maribel Caves, Maribel, WI and in the West Central part of the state at Crystal Cave, Spring Valley, WI for many decades back to their pre-glacial natural state. If you would like to learn more about the WSS and be an active volunteer or member please join us on a cave adventure.

The WSS is active in

  • Government and private cave restoration

  • Sustainable Economic Development of Caves

  • Reconnaissance of caves and sinkholes, at the request of landowners

  • Cave surveying and mapping

  • Good relations with property owners and respect their wishes for privacy and access.

  • Public tours of caves

  • Cave exploration

  • Cave, karst, and groundwater protection

  • Assist in scientific projects and restoration

  • Education of public-at-large

  • Media liaisons for cave and karst articles

  • Information resources

  • Cave research

  • Archeological excavations

  • Cave electronics

  • Cave rescue resource (training, equipment, people)

  • Other areas

  • Note: The WSS, like other grottos, does not publish or give out cave locations of private caves.

WSS Structure

The WSS is governed by a Board of seven WSS members, who serve a 12 month term. In addition to the Board, there are several non-board positions that are appointed by the WSS Chair and 3/4ths of the board to WSS members only to represent the grotto. Full details of elections, etc. are outlined in the WSS bylaws.

Chairman ~ Kasey Fiske ~ wsscaving@gmail.com

Vice Chairman ~ Bryan Kleist~ desertscape@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer/Secretary ~ Karen Fiske