Aquaduice Cave

Aquaduice Cave was discovered in 2003 by Wisconsin Speleological Society member Gerald Bieberitz. Aquaduice Cave is a smaller crawling wild cave that currently has about 30ft passage that goes northwest and then curves to the left going west. Aguaduice is situated a ways off the banks of the West Twin River in the Wisconsin State Natural Area of Cherney Maribel Caves County Park. Aquaduice cave is located in the escarpment ridge that runs the length of the park measuring about sixty feet in height above the river bed. The entrance to the cave is almost at the top of the bluff line along the park bluff and is not easily reached, Aquaduice cave is probably the hardest to access being there is a 8ft pit to crawl into first before reaching the floor of the cave . Aquaduice Cave is Spanish  for freshwater, literally meaning Sweetwater.