Cherney Maribel Caves Coopers Cave

Cooperstown Caves

So little has been said and written about the Coopers Cave over the years other than a few old pictures.

The cave is situated a ways off the banks of the West Twin River in the Wisconsin State Natural Area of Maribel Caves County Park. The cave is located in the escarpment ridge that runs the length of the park measuring about sixty feet in height above the river bed. The entrance to the cave is about midway along the park bluff and can be easily reached by a natural trail to it. This cave is distinguished by its large rectangular entrance and just a few feet away, a small crevice looking entrance that makes for excellent photo shots. This cave is a square tube solutional cave that is relatively quiet and dry with little or no water inside. About 9 feet below the entrance in the talus pile you will find a glistening natural spring that flows year round under the wooden bridge down to the West Twin River. This cave goes in naturally about 20 feet and has two bigger, almost standing height rooms. The only time you will see water coming out of this cave is when there is a large rain event like in the video below.

The audio/video below is of a waterfall coming out above Coopers Cave and water coming out of the entrance of the cave. The heavy rain, fell about 20 minutes with a total of about 2 inches in that time. The waterfall started about 10 minutes after the heavy rainfall and lasted only about 30 minutes.

The caves are visited by hundreds of people every summer from many places around the world.