Spring Cave

Hermann C. Benke picture of what the actual spring pump house looked like.

Maribel’s Spring Cave is one of the original documented caves in the 75 acre park. Spring Cave was the most used and documented of the original four caves documented in Manitowoc County History. Spring Cave is just that, it is a cave with a year - around high volume natural spring coming out of it.

This cave was used for its pure spring water and not explored much over the years. The reason for the lack of exploration is due to the high volume of cold 43 degree water and diminished oxygen levels.

The pure spring water was used quite extensively, when the hotel and bottling plant were in operation. The hotel relied heavily on the spring water year- around for all modern amenities the hotel had at the time. They lifted the water through pipes to the hotel and bottling plant by a power free hydraulic ram pump

"pulsation engine" that works solely off of gravity, hydraulic pressure and water pressure. The spring was also known for it rich mineral content like Magnesium and used for its therapeutic qualities. The water was highly advertised to cure many ailments back in the day. They even had made two outdoor baths to submerge ones self in. The baths and pump house do not currently exist anymore at the park or on the private property. All we have left of all of these neat structures are pictures, writings and legends.

Today the Spring Cave entrance currently is NOT part of the 75 acre Maribel Caves Park. This cave on the adjacent private property and spring is only meant to be viewed by county provided viewing deck that is on Manitowoc County property. The entrance of the Spring Cave is on PRIVATE PROPERTY PLEASE RESPECT THE PARK'S BOUNDARIES.

Sample picture of a hydraulic ram pump

Picture of what the actual outdoor therapeutic baths looked like.

One of two falls below Spring Cave