Tunnel Cave Passage

Tunnel Cave Passage is a relatively newly discovered cave passage in the park. The Tunnel Cave Passage is situated directly left of the Tartarus Cave System entrance. Tunnel Cave Passage was discovered in 2005 by WSS members that became interested in digging out the blocked passage when they were working and cleaning up around the Tartarus Cave Entrance. The WSS started to excavate the Tunnel Cave Passage for through belly crawling trips. The WSS accomplished this goal October 1, 2005. A WSS member made the first trip from the South Entrance to the North Entrance at 12:17 P.M. In the fall of 2011 the passage is further cleared by WSS members wall to wall and floor to ceiling to clear out any possible remaining hazards and to fully expose the natural limestone passage walls. The passage was originally named Tunnel Passage Cave by a WSS member that discovered the passage but due to the fact that the passage falls within the drip line of the Tartarus Cave entrance (which means that cave passage is just part of the overall cave system) it is later labeled Tunnel Cave Passage. Today the Tunnel Cave Passage is about 20 feet long, approximately 3’ high and wide and still for the most part a belly crawl. Visitors can experience this self guided tour of this passage during regular park hours.

Neat view of Tunnel Passage during the winter months with ice Stalactites and Stalagmites