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Post date: May 5, 2013 4:44:18 PM

Below is part of State Rep's Paul Tittl's e-update for Caving in the 25th Assembly district

Caving in Wisconsin

You may know Al Schema enjoys serving on the Manitowoc City Council, but do you know he also loves exploring caves? The good news for Al is that he doesn't need to travel very far to find a one. Neither do you.

Ledge View Nature Center has three caves open to the general public from the end of May to the first weekend in November. For more information click here.

Cherney Maribel Caves County Park offers many caves and crevices that are open and accessible by a series of trails when the park is officially open. On May 19th from 8am-3pm you can join members of the Wisconsin Speleological Society for free public tours of Maribel New Hope Cave - the first tours of the season. Cherney Maribel Caves County Park is just off I-43 half-way between Manitowoc and Green Bay.

Here's a link to Wisconsin Speleological Society where you can learn about additional caving opportunities throughout the state.

Al is making a push to put Wisconsin caving on the map and hopes you will visit a Wisconsin cave soon. He is also working with other cavers to to make caves accessible. Kudos to Al and his friends for that effort!

Here's a new You Tube Channel Al has created for caving in the state:

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25th Assembly Rep Paul Tittl E-Update