Types of Caving Trips

Types of caving trips

BEGINNER: No requirements are necessary beyond a willingness to get dirty. No special skills are needed, and trips will never involve technical climbing or rope work (although a hand line might be used on slippery slopes). Experienced cavers should not try to push their own limits. Because these trips will be to smaller caves, two flashlights with good batteries are acceptable. Trips will be underground about 3 hours.

INTERMEDIATE: Everyone must have three sources of light. The primary light must be helmet mounted and be a good carbide or electric lamp with at least six hours of light. Some climbing may be involved, but a belay will always be possible. (You should always ask for a belay if you feel uncomfortable. You should never refuse or ridicule someone for asking for one.) All cavers should have some experience and the trip leader has the right to exclude those who are not felt to have enough experience. Trips will be underground from 4 to 12 hours.

ADVANCED: Some WSS trips are advanced. An advanced trip requires special skills and equipment, such as ropes, descenders and ascenders, or perhaps scuba gear. Proper technique is learned and perfected outside of the cave.

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